What is the VIP Initiative all about?

A faith-based Initiative designed and committed to inspiring and empowering individuals to IGNITE their purpose and become Very Impactful People (VIP) using their Time, Talent and Treasures. We all have gifts others need. These gifts need no wrapping. VIP Initiative helps one discover talents and gifts. Some people will never discover their gifts without a spark ignited by another person.
We can all be VIPs by:
  • Volunteering
  • Sponsoring
  • Encouraging
  • Donating
My fellow VIP Hopefuls, as we journey from Just a Person (JAP) to becoming a (VIP), let us unwrap all the gifts embedded in us, by being the spark that ignites the gifts in our lives and others. 


VIP Creed:

I am a son/daughter of God, endowed with virtue, creativity and gifts to do my assignment!
I am a VIP:
I cannot be stopped because God cannot be stopped
I know who I am!
I matter!

              How it started

At age 9, I was selected as one of the leading debaters to represent my school at a popular televised state program tagged, “Schools Debate”. This was my first public speaking. I was also selected to sing during important school events. I remember singing “On the banks of Allan water” and could see the faces of the audience light up and got a standing ovation. Beyond the applauses and ovations, I longed for something beyond myself at a young age. I was astonished at the response of the audience and that ignited the dream for success. I understood and became aware of the importance of making an impact at a young age. Ever since then, I have decided to use my life as a seed to give back to others.
Before the selection process, there was a testing period. The informal question and answer sessions enabled my teacher observe closely qualities, character, talents and gifts others did not notice and to see what was invisible to others. I was emboldened by my experience in school that I always knew that the only thing that could stop me when God says, “You can” was if I said, “I can’t”. My journey to impact has not always been glitch free but I chose to WALK not TALK. I understood that talking about your destination does not get you there. You just have to go. And that I did…
A lesson I learnt, as I became my own person was to believe in myself.
I have been blessed because my career in healthcare has given me a platform to utilize my skills, experiences and gifts to serve others and make their lives better on a daily basis.

An Aha Moment


I recently attended a concert and was seated at a conspicuous section tagged, "VIP". One thing that struck me as I sat here was the fact that I could see clearly and could be seen as well. In other words, I was visible! Beyond these facts, I was a source of inspiration and support for a dear friend who organized the concert. I noticed that my presence made a huge impact on my friend. At that moment, someone walked up to me and asked, "how does it feel to be seated at the VIP section?" To be candid, it felt really good because I had a good view and participated so well. I didn’t feel more special or more important as the acronym VIP, connotes. What I enjoyed most was the smile that ignited on my friend’s face seeing that I was there to show support, encourage and cheer. This smile was priceless! A real VIP is more focused on making others smile!!

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