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   Dr. Iboro Udoh is the founder of The VIP Initiative, designed and committed to raising Very Impactful People (VIP). Through this organization, she was inspired to author her first book, IGNITE, to share her insight on how to impact positive change. As an American born lady, she has used her strong heritage and knowledge to build a thriving career.  

     With the many hats she wears as a Consultant, Healthcare Administrator, Registered Nurse, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Author and Speaker, she still maintains a balance with her career and family. She unapologetically enjoys her life while empowering others to become impactful. Dr. Iboro Udoh and her husband, Engr. Ubong Udoh, are parents of twin boys.



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Thanks for stopping by www.IboroUdoh.com! I would love to talk to you more about how to become a Very Impactful Person (VIP). Email:  vipinitiative2020@gmail.com.

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"When you are blessed, you are important; When you are a blessing, you are impactful." ~ Iboro Udoh